YAGNYA SAMRAKSHANAM (யக்ஞ சம்ரக்ஷனம்)

Lot of versus/shlokas has been written, about the Yagna, in Mahabharata. It is also said, due to Agnihotram Lord Surya gets his brightness. Such Agnihotras are provided with all the items needed for conducting/performing Yagna, by DSB.

Also we do Swarna Dhanam during Yagna kalam. Most importantly we are able to provide PURE COW GHEE which is very rare in these days, for the yagnam.

We are trying to facilitate Yagna Purushas with most of the items needed for conducting the Yagnam for eg. Palasam, Audhambaram, Krishna kathiram etc etc.. under single umbrella.

Yagnya Samrakshanam:

  • We plan to make Orikkai as Master Distribution Centre for our DSB, to distribute freely all the components for Agnihothrals day-to-day usage and also for covering Yagnyam. Items like Woods, pooja materials and all neccessery amnities.
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