VEDHA SAMRAKSHANAM (வேத சம்ரக்ஷனம்)

Vedas are the divine reveleataions, roots of our culture and Sanatana Dharma. It is our abundant duty to nourish and cherish the Vedas. As per Hindu Culture, whoever does the veda adhyayanam is equivalent to Lord Shiva.

DSB aims at supporting the vedic study for the peace and welfare of the entire world by providing all basic requirements of Paatashaalas students like Groceries, Rice, Books, Palakai, Chikku Mounchi, Palas thandam, Muttong, Vratti, Samithu, HomaKundan, Veda Thamani, Chimita, Copper Blower,Koormasanam, Vastram etc

Also provides rudraksham Swarnabhandhanam to the Vedic students as per the need.

Some of the other main activities in Vedha Samrakshanam:

  1. Apart from Paatashaalas students DBB also plans to supply all the basic requirements for the day to day anushtaanam (அனுஷ்டானம்) of the Vedhic scholors.
  2. In addition, DSB also plans to take care of the higher studies of Vedhic Students, after they complete the Ganam (கணம்), viz., Saasthra Paadam (சாஸ்திர பாடம்), Srowtha Paadam (ஸ்ரௌத்த பாடம்) and Baashyam (பாஷ்யம்) etc.,
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