Vanaspathi Samrakshanam

PALASHA VANAM (பலாச வனம்):

When Gayatri DeviMata, brought "SOMALATHI" Creeper, One leaf called "Parnam" Fell on the earth. From the leaf of Parnam, germinated this "palasha" vriksham. DSB has planned to provide, Samith from such gracious Tree for the purpose of Yagna to Paatashaalas, Agnihotras, and who perform Salibhagam, Aubhasanam and brahmacharis doing samithadhanam.

Six acres of land in pathiri have been donated by "ARUN EXCELLO" for this purpose.

In the year 2019 with the blessings of Sri Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Maha periyava on his Jayanthi day, Bhoomi Pooja for the palasha vanam was done in Pathiri village near Mel maruvaththur, about 120 KM from chennai. DSB plans to plant 23000 palashas here at Pathiri, already 7000 have been planted and rest 16000 saplings are ready for plantation.

On successful plantation, we could very well manage to supply Palasha Samiths freely to all the needy Paatashaalas, Agnihothrals and Grahasthaas do their daily Owpaasana Anushtaanam throughout India.

While planting each plant, Ganapathy Yantra and Krishna Salagramam are placed first, then Paatashaalas are planted by chanting Krishna sashtra mantram, dhola sashtra mantram and Pancha Rudra Mantram.

This place Pathiri is full of Veda Mantras due to which Pathiri has become VEDA Bhoomi. Doing one pradhashna around pathiri is equivalent to 584 Seshtra Pradhashnam.

On 11th June 2019, Kanchi Periyava had dedicated this Pathiri Vanam for Lokashemam.

Currently DSB is providing samith to 42 Paatashaalas and planning to provide samith to atleast 700 Paatashaalas throughout India. For this purpose atleast 1.5 lakh Palashas trees are to be planted. To accomplish this task, With maha periavas grace we hope to get lot of public support

All Devathaas are being satisfied only through Yagnyeshwarar, in which Palaash Samith plays a vital role.

YEGNA VANAM (யக்ஞ வனம்): :

One has to travel quite a good distance to collect different wood,seeds,saplings required for performing yegnas. To name a few, Ashwatham (அரச), Ashwatham routed from Vanni (வன்னி) to make Arani kattai, Owdambaram (அத்தி), Palasam (புரசு), Kadiram (வெள்ளைக் கருங்காலி), Vaaranam (மாவிலங்கம்),Vaikangatham (சொத்த கலா), Kashmaryam (குமிழ முள்), Soma Lathai (சோமக் கொடி), Yavai (யவை தானியம்), Mounji (மௌஞ்சிப் புல்), Vishwamithram (விஷ்வாமித்ரம் புல்), etc. are rare to get. To facilitate such Yagnyeswarals, who sacrifice themselves for the World Peace, DSB aims at making these entire things available under one roof.

For every "Vajpai yagnam" 30 Feet long Vilva Vriksham is required, and as per current need per year around 35 trees are needed for this Yagna. For this purpose DSB has planned for 2000 Vilva Vrikshams.

Satra Yagnam is the one, when a Kid starts to perform First Samitha dhanam until he gets married, with which all Devadas are satisfied. For this purpose Pure Ghee from cow and Samith are the main requirements. As Palasa samith is the most appropriate one for this purpose DSB has taken up the task of growing palasha trees on top priority.

Who are all helping directly or indirectly for performing Yagna also reap the same benefit as who is performing. Therefore we request you to take part in this samrakshnam and get blessed.

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AALAYA NANDHAVANAM (ஆலய நந்தவனம்):

Several Trees are considered to be sacred as they are associatead with different hindu gods such as Lord Ganeasha resides in Vanni tree,Vishnu in Gooseberry tree, Mahalakshmi in krishna tulsi and so on. Flowers have an important role to play in hindu poojas, rituals are not complete without offering flowers to god. Offering the right flower to different gods is more important. DSB selects the right flowering trees associated with the main deity of the temple along with other regular flowering trees. So far We have set up nandavanams in 15 odd temples in different parts of tamil nadu. where ever necessary DSB bears the cost of setting up water resources and maintenance cost.

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HERBAL VANAM (மூலிகை வனம்):

Ayurveda treats root cause of the disease not the symptoms. Right from common ailments to deadly diseases like cancer, kidney stones etc can be cured in a more effective way and at a much cheaper cost. Since Herbals are the major ingredients for ayurvedic medicines for ex கங்கல், முள் சீதே, கரு மஞ்சள், கரு நொச்சி, சிறியா நங்கை, ரணக்கள்ளி DSB is planning a big herbal vanam to help common man to save lot of money and live a healthy life. 5000 herbal plants of 120 different varieties are ready for plantation.

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GREEN GRASS (பசும்புல்):

Grass is the maximum proportion of feed in a cows diet and hence goshaalas need to spend huge amount on purchase of grass. DSB to have 20 Acres of land which yields 4 times harvest in a year by which both Orikkai Cows as well cows in other ghoshalaas who cant afford purchase of huge quantities of grass can be fed with.

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