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Gho Samrakshanam

Vanaspathi Samrakshanam

Vedha Samrakshanam

Yegna Samrakshanam

Aalaya Samrakshanam

Nama Kendram

Nama Sankeerthanam

Anna Dhanam

Vidhya Dhanam

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DSB is a Dhaarmic Revival Charitable Trust, which gives a fresh blossom to Dharma, is devoted to support and conservation of 15 ancient divine noble dharma acts of India.



To develop a sustainable ecological balance through non-exploitative, peaceful co-existence among humans, cattle and Natural eco system



DSB has been Registered u/s 12AA of IT Act 1961. Donations to DSB are eligible for tax deductions as per 80G of IT act. FCRA certification is also in pipeline and is expected any time.


To plant 1.5 lakhs of palasa vrikshams and supply Agni Kundan ingredients viz.....Varatti, Muttan, Agyam(Ghee), Samithu to 700+ patasalas all over india and also to Grahastals doing Agnihotram and Aaupasanam.

Gho Samrakshanam

To establish, maintainand also financially support GHO-SHALAs to save cows both milk producing and those that have stopped yielding milk!
This scheme is for both Local and other high end breeds.

Vanaspathi Samrakshanam

To propogate and establish divine forests/ vanams as mentioned in the Vriksha Sastram which is an essential part of the Vedas.
In Vriksha Sastra it is enunciated that there are 108 varieties of divine trees corresponding to the 9 planets and associated with it 12 Rasis and 27 Nakshtras!

Vedha Samrakshanam

To encorage propogate and support the cause and teaching of the Vedas under the Gurukulam system and through patashalas. Vedas are the bedrock of the Hindu culture and heritage and it needs to patronised for the benefit of the carrying forward the Hindu culture and ethos to the future generations.!

Yagnya Samrakshanam

To facilitate the conduct of yagnas which are for ensuring Global peace and Harmony and for Logashema.
Free supply of palasa samiths and other ingradients requested for conduct of such homams and yagnas is being undertaken!

Aalaya Samrakshanam

To support and encorage the renovation, reconstruction, retrofitting of heritage temples to improve their utility thereby provide facilities for the temples daily rituals.Selection of temples are listed and recommended by our Sri Sri Kaanchi Maha Periyava.!

Vidya Dhanam

We provide needy children with Notebooks, books,school fee etc.. Also we had set up Evening tuition centers in which we teach Moral ethics, computer education along with school syllabus.!

Nama Kendram

To promote and encourage Bakthi culture among School going Students and General Public, in the Hindu way of life!

Nama Sankeerthanam

To kindle School Students and Public to chant and sing the (பகவான் நாம சங்கீர்த்தனம்) Bhagavan naamaas, DSB encourages them to participate in arranged classes like Thiruppugazh (அருணகிரி நாதரின் திருப்புகழ்) and Shri Ramana Maharishi’s Akshara Manamaalai at different places.!

Anna Dhaanam

We plan to establish the Anna Dhaanam centre at Orikkai. DSB supplying rice, groceries, oils to the needy padashalas. In Lalgudi Near Trichy, Sindhiga Trust, where most of them are disabled, DSB is providng RICE bags regularly as part of Anna dhanam. DSB is also extending kaingaryam, when ever Vallalar Trust is doing annadhanam..!

Anatha Predha Samskaram

As per the Guidance of Mahaperiyava, DSB is silently performing Anatha Predha Samskaram, for the human who does not have any support. In tie up with Periva Kaingaryam group, as and when needed, DSB extends all sort of help in cremating.!


What people are saying...

Sri Ramanasramam

"We acknowledge with thanks receipt for 10,000 palaasa samith for vedic rituals / vedic Paada saala. May the grace of Sri Bhagavan be ever with you. – Sri Ramanasramam.!"

Sri Sankara Gurukula Veda Patasala

"Our heartiest thanks to DSB for issuing us 1,00,000 Samith of 20 bags without delay. Thankful congrats for your services. – Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Sri Mahaswamy Vidyapeeth Trust."

Sringeri Sankara Math

"We hereby acknowledge the receipt of 10 bags of Palaash Samith to perform Samithadhanam, twice a day, by our Patashala Vidhyaarthees. We thank you very much for this esteemed service. – Sringeri Sankara Math!"