Gho Samrakshanam

As per Puranas, for Loka-shema, gho and Brahmins are to be safeguarded. Most of the Devadas are residing in the cow as per Hindu Puranas.

Many Goshalas are engaged in rescuing cows from going to slaghter houses.We help them in purchasing the cows before it goes to slaughter house and facilitate them with additional resources to maintain the cows like help them dig bore wells, erecting cow sheds, providing necessary fodders for cows etc..

In addition to the above We supplement to their Financial resources by buying cow bi- products from them viz Varati, Agal Lamps , Vibuthi , Organic Fertilizers made of dung from local cows (Nattu Pasu). Also we train goshalas staff to produce such products

We have created an innovative eco-friendly product "AKAL VILAKKU" with Multani Mitti and gho-sanam, which is a new product, to be sold in the market shortly.

Other Gho Samrakshanam Activities:

  1. Breeding all varieties of country cows
  2. Elevating / Marketing Cow Ayurvedic Medicines..
  3. Supply of fodder to Goshalas.
  4. Financial assistance to support the farmers and Goshalas.

Call to Action!

Overall around 15 Goshalas are being helped in and around Tamilnadu in these ways.