ANNA DHAANAM (அன்ன தானம்)

The Sanskrit word annadanam literally means the offering or sharing (danam) of food (annam). Annadhanam is considered as the highest form of charity. Feeding the hungry and deprived, offering food to the yatris (pilgrims), to the birds and animals come under the ambit of Annadhanam.

DSB is supplying rice, groceries, oils to the needy Padashalas. DSB as part of Anna dhanam is providing RICE BAGs regularly to Sindhiga trust hostel in Lalgudi Near Trichy, where most of the inmates are disabled or elderly. DSB is also extending Kaingaryam whenever Vallalar Trust is offering Annadhanam.

Anna Dhaanam:

  • We plan to expand our Anna Dhaanam activities by joining hands with Shri Rajkumar, Ambathur Group of Personnel.
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