What people are saying...

Sri Ramanasramam

"We acknowledge with thanks receipt for 10,000 palaasa samith for vedic rituals / vedic Paada saala. May the grace of Sri Bhagavan be ever with you. – Sri Ramanasramam.!"

Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Sri Mahaswamy Vidyapeeth Trust

"Our heartiest thanks to DSB for issuing us 1,00,000 Samith of 20 bags without delay. Thankful congrats for your services. "

Sri Sri Sri Mahalakshmi Mathrubhutheswrar Trust

"We acknowledge with thanks the receipt of nearly one lakh Samith at Mahaswami Mani Mandapam, Orikkai!"

Sri Sankara Gurukula Veda Patasala

"We thankfully acknowledge the receipt of 49 bags, containing 2,50,000 Palaasa Samiths arranged by you, which is very useful to our Vidhyarthies immensely and we remain thankful for your gesture and request you to continue the same in future also!"

Sringeri Sankara Math

We hereby acknowledge the receipt of 10 bags of Palaash Samith to perform Samithadhanam, twice a day, by our Patashala Vidhyaarthees. We thank you very much for this esteemed service.

Bhagawan Yogamoorthy Sri Sri Sri Maha Periyava Meela Adminal Trust

We gracefully thank you for providing us 50,000 Palaash Samith for our Vidhyaarthees studying in Paadasaala. As per our telephonic conversation we had with you, kindly arrange to send us the same for 1 year purpose and oblite.

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