Dharma Sanjeevinee Bhavanam :: தர்ம சஞ்ஜீவினி பவனம்

About Us:

  • Dharma Sanjeevinee Bhavanam is a Dhaarmic Revival Charitable Trust, “which gives a fresh blossom to Dharmaa”, is devoted to support and conservation of 64 ancient divine arts of India. This Trust was started on 24/02/2012 and is being executed effectively by a group of Philanthropists. This Trust has been registered under Section-12AA and Section-80G of Income Tax Act.
  • The Trust got the registration approved under section 12AA of Income Tax Act on 28/08/2014 under Unique Registration No. AABTD6949A/05/14-15/T-0111. It got the registration approval for 80G of Income Tax Act on 29/03/2016 under Unique Registration No. AABTD6949A/05/14-15/T-0111/80G.
  • They aim at striking a sustainable ecological balance through non-exploitative, peaceful co-existence among humans, cattle and Natural eco system. They have established a Modern Farm with around 140 varieties of rare Herbal plants & Medicinal Tree Grove. It has around 15,000 palaash saplings ready to be planted to create a huge palaash vanam in order to preserve & promote rare, fast extinct tree species and to protect environment & arrest adverse climate changes.
  • Now they are planning to get 100 acres land in Orikkai, Kanchipuram and implement all of the above mentioned activities in a large scale therefore, they would like to propose a project worth Rs.500 Crores. The budgeted expenses and the allocation of the same towards the various activities have been specified in detail.
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The list of activities we are currently carrying out and would like to expand are as follows:

  1. Gho Samrakshanam - Establishment of a World biggest Gho Saalaa with country cows and rescued Cows from slaughter house.
  2. Vanaspathi Samrakshanam - Establishment of Biggest palaash vanam, yagnya vanam, & helping Aalaya nandavanam.
  3. Vedha Samrakshanam - We strive to promote our Hindu’s cultural heritage
  4. Yagnya Samrakshanam - To provide a pathway towards Global harmony.
  5. Aalaya Samrakshanam - To support the temples and thereby improve public utility.
  6. Vidhya Dhanam - (KALAALAYAM) Educational Centre for the Orphan and Tribal people.(Establishment of High Value Moral based Patriotic and Global Education Centre).
  7. Nama Kendram - Free Distribution of Namapatrams to School Children & general Public for encouraging Bhakthi (Devotion) among them.
  8. Nama Sankeerthanam - Singing the praise, Chanting slokas, songs about the God.
  9. Anna Dhaanam - Orphan, Physically challenged, Tribal people and abandoned senior citizens.
  10. Anathe Predha Samskaram - Performing Last rites to poor and unknown.
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