AALAYA SAMRAKSHANAM (ஆலய சம்ரக்ஷனம்)

DSB is planning to help to revive the temples. DSB is planning for the following actions to be done in the temples like, Kumbhabishekam, Regular repaid and Maintenance, dredging the Ponds.

Recently we had cleared two ponds near Salem temple and also cleared the pond of Sri Vaishnavi Devi in Thirumullaivayil Chennai. Also we undertake Nandavan kaingaryam to keep up the surrounding of temples.

Alaya Samrakshanam:

  • Currently, we are disbursing 15 kgs Tin of Mowha Oil (இலுப்பை எண்ணை) to the ancient Sri Sivan Temples (சைவ ஆலயங்கள்) and 15 Kgs Tin of Gho Ghee (பசு நெய்) to the ancient Sri Perumal Temples (வைஷ்ணவ ஆலயங்கள்), which doesn’t have any financial support. Now it is counting around 30 in Chennai and outskirts. We want to enhance the Temples to around 300, covering the entire Tamil Nadu, as listed and recommended by our Sri Sri Kaanchi Maha Periyava.
  • Along with Oil and Ghee, Madakku (மடக்கு) and Cotton Thread (எட்டுக் கொட்டை பஞ்சுத்திரி) are also supplied to Temples. Also we undertake Nandavanak Kainkaryam (உழவாரப் பணி) in those places.
  • Works in the way like dredging the pond, gardening, and temple renovation, all will be done by DSB to regain the temple’s lost glory soon.
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